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The Three Latest Marketing Tips!



Ready to develop your business?  Let’s take a look!

1. As the world has changed rapidly, you need to keep on track all the time.

Collect the latest information and ideas, use them for your business!|

 2. Content Marketing works

Content Marketing is surely an important material right now for every business.

So, if you don’t have one for your own, let’s create!

    3. Build a large network

If you want to have a successful business, it’s vital to have a wide network.

Anyway, if your network is lack of influence, it’s going to be a weak connection.

Therefore, let’s make the big strong one and keep growing!

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Uber, Grab, and Lyft, are they safe enough for female drivers?




  1. Inappropriate behaviors and sexual harassment toward female drivers
  2. No real and active solution from the companies
  3. Do people need to learn more on how to respect others?

The disrespect always creates so many negative outcomes and problems. In this case, the disrespectful behaviors of the passengers can make so much fears and oppressiveness toward those female drivers.

As it was reported, there are many female drivers who have faced with loads of frightening passengers, like who tried to show his penis or even do stalking from ‘lost and found service’ of the companies’ application. These issues really affect the female drivers’ safety so badly. Likewise, most of the time, the companies can’t help solving anything, because of the privacy rule.

— “Hey Jane, I didn’t really lose anything in your car – I just wanted your number. Attached was a video (of his penis).” —

Right now, those female drivers have to create their own private group on Facebook, in order to exchange each other advice and suggestion on dealing with all inappropriate behaviors and harassment.

How about the real and active solution from the companies?

Is it time for them to make the policy that helps all drivers to work safely?

Lastly, what is actually a problem of this issue?

Do women need to stop doing these kind of careers OR should those men be more respectful?

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5 Metro places in US. that attract all startups!



It is possible that you can start your business everywhere in US. if you work hard and organize your business well. However, there are some places that have a very good atmospheres for the most startups.

  1.  Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Pompano Beach
    Because of the 0.56% of people becoming entrepreneurs, Miami is the highest startups area in the US. It can be said that this place is the beginning place of many people who want to be somebody.
  2. Austin – Round Rock – San Marcos
    As it is reported that this city is the one area that has the best educated populations, so, a lot of people are interested in using their skills by starting their own companies here.
  3. Los Angeles – Long Beach – Santa Ana
    Although this area is quite expensive for the new startups, the health care cost is still cheaper than many other states in US. That’s why this state is also the interesting one for many people to start their own businesses.
  4. San Diego – Carlsbad – San Marcos
    This area was ranked as one of the top 10 places for new businesses. So, there is no doubt why this place is really attracted by those new entrepreneurship.
  5. LasVegas – Paradise — Las Vegas is one of the place that has a lot of new businesses and companies. Moreover, with many events and expos in this area, most of businesses can usually present their own products to the customers from around the world.

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Vaseline – A Million Dollar Idea!




1. The background of the popular brand, Vaseline.

2. Noticing, learning, and doing several experiment were the important factors in making this product.

3. Let’s learn from this successful business!

If we talk about a petroleum jelly, the first brand that is going to pop up in everyone’s head is “Vaseline”.

Let’s read the pathway of Vaseline in how it becoming popular ‘for over a century’ like in nowadays.

The name of Vaseline has been used as a brand of a petroleum jelly for nearly 150 years. People have used Vaseline for cuts, burns, and especially for dry skin.

The first person who created this million dollar idea was Robert Chesebrough in Pennsylvania. As he went to the oilfield in Pennsylvania in 1859, he saw the workers in oilfield used a substance on the drilling pipes to apply on their skins in order to heal the skin injuries.

Then, he noticed and learned to make a refined version of it. ‘Vaseline’ came from the German word, wasser, and Greek, elaion.

After showing his product in all over New York city, Vaseline became very famous, even ‘Queen Victoria’ used it, which made Robert turned into a knighthood!

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